Sunday, 19 January 2014

Internet Shopping Whilst Intoxicated

This is something I hear about but never thought I would actually do.  I’m not really a clothes and shoes kinda gal so I assumed that I would escape this ‘cultural phenomenon’.

However, it was not to be.  I arrived home to find a parcel on my desk.  I frowned at it.  I hadn’t brought anything online recently.  And then I saw the stamp on the parcel and the synapses wriggled in the back of my brain.


That name conjures up to me the Oxford of the 20s with Lewis and Tolkien so what did it have to do with me?  And then I laughed.  Because I *did* remember buying this present for myself.  I was tipsy enough at the time to think, “I probably won’t remember doing this.  It’ll be like a present from Drunk Laura to Future Laura”.  And for half a second it was!  And then I recalled what it was and I eagerly opened the parcel.



His name is Wallflower.  I can hold him nicely in one hand.  He is a replica of a gargoyle that can be found slightly hiding on the wall of the Divinity School, Old Bodleian Library.  And he is so, so beautiful.  The craftsmanship is gorgeous.  And I want to have him with me at all times.  I wish I could have a charm of him to wear around my neck.  He is just the most beautiful dragon.  I seriously can’t stop stroking his cheek.  He makes a beautiful desk companion.

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