Thursday, 23 July 2015

Keep on truckin’

Walking isn’t glamorous.  And it certainly isn’t exciting.  Ally seems to like it though.  Me- not so much.  I feel like we are certainly into the boring part of our quest.  We aren’t fresh faced adventurers anymore.  We’ve lost that fire in our bellies.  It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other and just keeping on going, knowing that one day we’ll get there.


I’ve worked out that if we do 31km a week, that’s how we make it.  That’s made it a little easier, working it out weekly, as opposed to daily.  On the days where I work 12 hour shifts, I tend to beat myself up over the fact that I only did 2km in the morning (or sometimes none!).  But this way, it doesn’t matter because even if I don’t do my daily total, I can always make it up on other days when I have more time.

So we’re back on track!  I think SURELY we must be near Rivendell!  Maybe it’s in sight??

Pic via here

Upon studying my notes, I have actually breezed past Rivendell!  It is 732km away from Hobbiton… and I have now walked a grand total of 779km!  So- Elvish dinner at Rivendell coming up :)

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