Thursday, 2 April 2015

Walking to Mordor… I made it to Bree!

Well I started this Walking to Mordor challenge.  I sadly relied on Internet intel and thought that if I walked 7km a day for a year, I could make the distance in a year.  When I worked it out for myself, It’s more like 8km.  And I started halfway through January… so basically it’s not going to happen.  But instead of packing it in like I normally would, I am going to keep going.  Considering I have to walk my dog every day anyway, I might as well keep a track of all my kilometres.  We do about 4km every day so I set a new standard of trying to reach Mordor in two years instead.  Sorry Frodo and co, you guys walk too darn fast!

And so I made it to the first stop.  From the Shire to Bree which is 218km.  And because I’m food motivated, I wanted to celebrate each milestone by having a special dinner that is representative of each place.

I FORGOT THAT I HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN TO THE START POINT OF THIS ADVENTURE!!!!  Here is a picture of me at the actual start point… Bilbo Baggins’ house in Hobbiton.


Bree is the town where the hobbits stop in at the pub, The Prancing Pony.  So I decided that a pub meal was in order.  I cooked sausages and mash and washed it down with a ginger ale.  I really should have had a pint of beer to be TRULY authentic but beer is gross.  The sausages were a special pork and apple sausage and were so yum!
(Do mashed potatoes ever look edible in photos??)

I have also decided to start an instagram for this challenge.  Why?  Why not?  It will mainly be selfies of me and my dog.  And maybe some scenery and the animals that we bump into.  WHY SO MANY WATER DRAGONS?!?!?!  So follow walktomordor for all your trekking needs…

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