Sunday, 22 December 2013

Fresh Start

I neglected my old blog something shocking so I thought I would cut ties with it and start afresh.

I started this one up because I am trying a new journey into positivity.  To paraphrase myself, my friend Kristy and I are always talking about how we’re going to make stuff happen.  Invariably we fail.  But we have a new plan and I really and truly believe that it might work.  And hope is good.  We have called it “2014: The Year of Making it Happen”™. 

Yeah, that’s right.  I trademarked it.

So I’m hoping that this blog will be an honest look into the year that comes, and all that follows.

I want to join a local archery club and have joined a few groups through  Who knows if I will be brave enough to actually turn up, but I felt like I’d achieved just as much by signing up than I did if I’d actually gone!

Not to mention two weeks in the US at the holy grail of San Diego Comic Con.

I will probably just talk about movies I saw and books that I read. 

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